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Therefore, to say that drinking at the wheel is evil means to say nothing.Explain in an “Problems with drinking and driving” essay that a quick reaction to everything that happens on the road is extremely important. Another danger is that it reduces the instinct of self-preservation. Often people find themselves unable to adequately assess the degree of intoxication and overestimate own capabilities.

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Students often write papers on problems of public importance.

This makes them learn to reflect, to find ways out of difficult situations, to justify the proposed strategies.

Drunk drivers exceed speed on the road, do not pay attention to traffic lights and signs. If you know for sure that you cannot do without alcohol in a particular situation, it is better not to drive but to take a taxi or use public transport.

Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning in a drinking and driving research paper that the situation is not entirely hopeless.

The cause was the influence of special organizations formed at that time.

You can write a “Students Against Destructive Decisions” or a “Mothers Against Drunk Driving” essay and analyze their activities.

Violators had to pay a monetary compensation of $ 500. Initially, police officers were not guided by any specific alcohol limit.

The first official BAC threshold established in New York in 1941 was 0.15%.

Particularly impressive are the stories when innocent people are killed or injured.

Journalists may show a "new hero" who barely stands on his feet and, besides, tries to aggressively prove own rightness.


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