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A canine wheelchair is a cart harnessed to the back of the dog.

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Get all the facts before you decide how to proceed. Paul has a strong interest in avian and exotic animal medicine and surgery, as well as small animal internal medicine and surgery.

He has provided services for numerous breeders, kennels, aviaries, and mini zoos.

The artificial hip joint is composed of a ball to replace the head of the femur and a socket to replace the acetabulum (the concave surface of the pelvis).

The surgeon first removes the head of the femur, the socket is implanted, and then the new ball is attached to the femoral stem.

Tarsal braces help alleviate pain from missing paw pads or toes, fractures, paralysis, knuckling, severe strains, arthritis and dislocation.

Elbow braces can correct symptoms such as collapsing, limping, loose joint or inability to bear weight.

It’s not so surprising then that veterinary surgeons have also become quite skilled in pet prosthetics, and makers are constantly improving the design and materials used to construct these devices.

Dogs, cats and other pets might need a prosthetic replacement for a limb or other body part because of injury, disease or congenital defects.

Cat wheelchairs are also available, and there are many documented cases of other animals, such as Crisp E. Another class of orthotics for pets are braces for knees, ankles, tarsals (lower ankles), elbows and wrists.

Stifle or knee braces support dogs with injuries to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL).


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