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“Relocating the Centers of Shīʿī Islam: Religious Authority, Sectarianism, and the Limits of the Transnational in Colonial India and Pakistan.” M. “The political transformation of the Seljuq Sultanate of Iraq and western Iran, 1152–1187.” 1963 Abou-El-Haj, Rifa’at Ali.

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“Al-Riddah and the Muslim conquest of Arabia: a re-evaluation.” 1967 Ahmad, Eqbal.

“Ali Bey al-Kabīr and the mamluk resurgence in Ottoman Egypt, 1760–1772.” Shoufani, Elias Shukri.

“A study of the poetry of Maymūn ibn Qays al- Aʻshá.” Kunt, I. “The Köprülü Years, 1656–1661.” Rehder, Robert Mc Conkie. “The emergence of textile manufacturing entrepreneurs in Turkey, 1804–1968.” Collins, Brinston Brown.

“The image of the pre-Islamic Arab in the Byzantine sources.” Hyde, John Dennis.

“Transformation of the Ulama and the Shari ’a in the Volga-Ural Muslim Community under Russian Imperial Rule.” M. “The making of an Arab nationalist: Ottomanism and Arabism in the life and thought of Sāṭi ̉al-Ḥuṣrī.” Livingston, John William.

“An Institutional History of the Iranian Construction Jihad.” Mirjam Künkler. “The Dark Matter of Tribal Belonging: Genealogical Representation and Practice in Saudi Arabia.” Bernard A. “Deuteronomy and collective behavior.” Cleveland, William L.

“Imperial Formations in Occupied Lands: The Russian Occupation of Ottoman Territories during the First World War.” M. “The Ulama and the state in modern Egypt.” Verdery, Richard Nesmith.

“The Wiles of Women in Ottoman and Azeri Texts.” M. “Politics and labor in Tunisia.” Crecelius, Daniel Neil.

Full dissertations can be viewed at NC Docks for dissertations published 2010 and after.

On this page you will find a list of Near Eastern Studies Ph. “The development and structure of the Turkish Futuwah guilds.” Landen, Robert Geran.


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