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Our thesis and dissertation proofreaders have decades of experience helping graduate students write effectively across all academic fields.Most have master’s and doctorate degrees, many from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop, the most prestigious writing program in the world.What's more, international students who are not native English speakers find our dissertation editing service particularly valuable. The same goes for students who have strong knowledge but struggle to communicate their ideas within the constraints of an academic format.

After a twenty-year stint in academia, she became a full-time freelance editor several years ago in anticipation of the demand for professional editing services expanding greatly with the new publishing opportunities offered by her favorite thing in the world, the Internet.

She has experience editing novels, dissertations, research papers, government documents, legal briefs, scientific articles, blogs, reviews, sermons, application essays, and pretty much everything in between.

Order now Order now Editing your dissertation to the standard it deserves is crucial to your overall degree success.

Yet many students struggle with proofreading their thesis and lose valuable marks unnecessarily. Our expert editors are on hand to cast their experienced eyes over your work and suggest feedback that will take your thesis or dissertation from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

When not editing, reading, or writing, she can be found knitting or attending the current cultural festival in New Orleans.

Thomas received a Ph D in English from the University of Iowa, where he is Special Assistant to the President for Communications and Research and teaches interdisciplinary courses.

Proofreading has less ambition than editing and involves one of our professional editors diligently reviewing your thesis or dissertation to catch grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

Academic proofreading is designed for students and academics who are confident writers but require a professional editor to eliminate language mistakes to ensure that their document is absolutely publication-ready.

No matter the complexity of your thesis or dissertation subject matter, our editors can handle the high-level, field-specific jargon and parameters for science, medicine, humanities, religion, art, and more. Please call us at 888-833-8385 or send us an e-mail to [email protected] get a custom quote today!

Julia has a Ph D in English literature from Tulane University and started writing her first novel (lamentably unfinished) at the age of ten.


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