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At UC Berkeley, we’ve created a workflow and guide for you to tackle these kinds of important copyright and other legal questions.

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And, keep in mind that addressing these questions takes time.

Step 1: Do you need permission first to include someone else’s work online?

You’ve worked painstakingly for years (we won’t let on how many) on your magnum opus: your dissertation—the scholarly key to completing your graduate degree, securing a possible first book deal, and making inroads toward faculty status somewhere.

Then, as you are about to submit your pièce de résistance through Pro Quest’s online administration system, you are confronted with the realization that—for students at many institutions—your dissertation is about to be made available open access online to readers all over the world (hurrah! Because your dissertation will be openly available online, there are many questions you need to address—both about what you put in your dissertation, and the choices you’ll need to make as you put it online.

Privacy rights in scholarship most often arise if you are seeking to use third party content like correspondence, diaries, and images that contain personal information about or pictures of particular people.

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But, they expire at death—meaning, you can’t be liable for disclosing private facts about a person no longer living.If you do not hear back in response to your request, you are now faced with a question of risk assessment, and whether to keep seeking permission or embrace the likelihood (or not) of the rights holder challenging your use down the road.In some of these situations, you may ultimately decide to limit your use further, or use a different work entirely—but you’ll need to make a decision one way or the other.There are typically two additional important defenses to claims for invasion of privacy: newsworthiness and permission.If the material you wish to include reveals private facts that are of public interest or concern (which your dissertation scholarship may be) or if the person who is the subject of the information has given you permission to include it (which you may have obtained), then an invasion of privacy claim should not be sustainable.), this doesn’t mean you have permission to include the excerpts from them in the first place. not illegally-posted) source, it’s always fine (at least in the U. ) to link to the content online rather than including the item itself.Step 2: If the copyright holder’s permission is needed, how do you get it?What follows are, of course, exactly that: best practices, and not legal advice.Your local scholarly communication officer or librarian (see this list for some resources around UC) can help you find additional information as you consider these issues for your own dissertation.You don’t need the copyright holder’s permission to include an excerpt / photo / diagram / whatever-you’re-using if any one of the following is true: Remember: Attribution is not the same as permission!Even if you cite your sources (which, of course, you will!


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