Different Ways To Write Your Name On Paper

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Find and Color Your Name: Here is a simple activity to help children work on visual scanning, visual discrimination, letter identification, and coloring skills. Ask the child to color in all of the letters in his or her name.If the child can not color in the lines, you could use dot markers or colored stickers to identify the letters in the child’s name. Fantastic Fine Motor Fingers Program – The fine motor program includes ebook, music and instructional videos which is user-friendly, economical and research based.

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But do be sure that your child can also write his name with a pencil before starting kindergarten.

Hands-on writing is much more exciting for preschoolers than putting pen to paper and writing the same thing over and over again. This is just information that I’ve gathered through experience and through researching for many years on my own.

Plus, preschoolers might not be ready to grip the pencil and be able to write in this way yet. Okay, quick disclaimer, I know that just sounded like I know what I’m talking about, and kind of sounds like it’s from a teacher’s perspective, but it’s not. Making name writing practice a hands-on experience can be so much more meaningful.

because my little guy has a while until he’s in kindergarten.

🙂 Before our kids are ready to write, we’ve taught them how to spell their names by singing their names to the tune of “There was a farmer who had a dog.” Most names – except very long ones – can work with this tune, if you modify it just a bit.


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