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It can have a significant impact on children’s general health and development.

It can have a significant impact on children’s general health and development.Poor oral health can increase the risk of diseases such as stroke, diabetes and heart attack in adulthood.

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They were able to access all patient information, posting procedures, billing for treatment and scheduling new appointments.

All their scheduled patients were seen the next day. Aurora and Chung been using traditional client-server software to manage their practice, the theft of their computers would have left them solely reliant on a backup of their data and access to installation disks.

After months of suffering severe facial pain as a result of several undiagnosed abscesses, 41 year old Anne is finally on the road to recovery following a lengthy course of complicated root canal treatment.

Her new dentist, Dr Ben Atkins, was keen to improve Anne’s general level of oral hygiene to try to avoid the need for further dental intervention and to ensure she would keep her teeth, rather than facing the horror of needing multiple extractions.

Read her case study to find out what being a Red Patient means and how Dominika improved her oral health with the support of our Oral Health Education team. Three years ago, two days short of his second birthday, Atticus went into hospital for a general anaesthetic in order to have six of his top front teeth extracted.

The teeth were so decayed that they were actually crumbling away and extraction was the only viable option.

As a teenager, she had had a brace and had always been very conscientious about oral hygiene, but as an adult she had lapsed back into bad habits.

Although she had always brushed her teeth regularly with a manual toothbrush, it was clear she had not been brushing slowly or methodically enough.

Within weeks of her coaching with the team, Salma began to notice a real difference in her teeth. Read More A whole family visited dentist Dr Ben Atkins for a routine check-up.

Their mum Helen reported that all three children often forgot to brush their teeth and even when they remembered to, they sometimes forgot to put toothpaste on their brushes!


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