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You can also read more about Creative Writing degrees in general, or about studying in Netherlands.

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The courses teach students to edit, which is a skill that comes hard to word-crafters who fall in love with their own work.

Students also discount waiting for their muses and learn to write every day.

Your master's degree may not get you bigger royalties for the book you wrote, but it may get you a managerial position on a editorial staff.

The biggest value in the degree program may be that aspect of transferrable skills.

Education will not confer talent upon a writer, but it teaches a writer how to use his talent.

There is an accepted writing form, and it can be learned.Read more The Netherlands (also known as Holland) was the first non-English-speaking country to offer degrees in English.Therefore, various programmes are taught in English and are very internationally oriented.Depending upon whether you write books or write copy, your earnings could be higher or lower than that figure.The salary for someone with a graduate degree is only slightly higher.Writing, they believe, is better learned by writing and by ravenous reading.They say what sets good writers apart is their passion, and that can't be learned.Still, passion is important for painters as well, but few question the relevance of a degree in visual arts.Your degree can help you land a position as an editor, a publisher or even teaching writing at a university.You might become a media writer, create content for websites, or even write screenplays.Although the job category "writer" is nebulous, the BLS lists an average salary for a writer with a bachelor's degree as ,250.


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