Definition Of Problem Solving And Decision Making

Definition Of Problem Solving And Decision Making-1
Deciding on an academic major should be your decision, because will have to follow the course of study.Deciding on the boundaries of a sales territory would most likely be the sales manager who supervises the territories, because he or she will be responsible for producing the results with the combined territories.

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Input is sought or given due to experience or expertise, but it is up to the decision maker to weigh the input and decide whether and how to use it.

Input should be fact based, or if offering an opinion, it should be clearly stated as such.

First, define who is responsible for solving the problem or making the decision.

In an organization, this may be someone above or below you on the organization chart but is usually the person who will be responsible for implementing the solution.

Finally, once input is given, the person giving the input must support the other’s decision, whether or not the input is actually used.

Consider a team working on a project for a science course.

This can, for example, include learning new technology to make your work more productive and efficient; being willing to look at processes and systems to see if there are things you can suggest to improve workflow; recognising opportunities that will improve the business and being prepared to follow them through; volunteering to learn new tasks so you can be adaptable and help out in emergencies or at peak periods.

I work shifts at a call centre which manages orders for several online companies.

For example, you might have to change your route due to traffic congestion, solve an IT issue, or work out what to make for dinner with the ingredients left in the fridge.

The challenges you may face in your professional career are likely to be a bit more complicated than these examples, however the skills and processes you use to come up with solutions are largely the same, as they rely on your ability to analyse a situation and decide on a course of action.


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