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A good research proposal aids in easing the process and rendering complete insight by answering all the important questions. Good research comprises of the following elements: Background/ Introduction The introduction must establish the area of research conducted and offer a context into the research problem.

It should be able to garner the interest of the reader into the topic.

Before new knowledge can be added to the existing archive of world knowledge, an objective study must be undertaken, and it always begins with a question.

For instance, if we wanted to learn if social media in any way influences the behavior of teens, we would ask the question Research is a complex process, and a very delicate one. For that reason, just as a person building a house must first do a cost analysis and get an architect’s design, so too must a researcher plan out the research project before diving into the research process.

This planning and preparation phase is captured in a document known as the research proposal.

In this article, we are going to look at what exactly the research proposal is and how to write one.You need to explain them in your proposal why this paper is important and should be provided with the methods planned by you.Of course, you do not need to include results of your research.Herein, the researcher will have to elaborate on how the findings can make a difference and what is the importance of carrying out the research work.Definition of Terms The research proposal must comprise of appropriate statements defining terms and concepts that are not obvious.Also, you do not need to analyze results of your analysis.The entire proposal will be rated basing on your writing style and effectiveness of your ideas. There are few main questions your proposal should answer on: Speaking honestly, a research proposal should show your knowledge of the subject, topic, and methods.This is the most essential element of a research proposal.It will render an insight of the researcher's perspective along with answering questions about how they plan to carry on the an empirical document that outlines the entire process of research from beginning to the end.It is an important element which can be used for requesting funds/ finance for conducting the project, certification and for publishing.


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