Deep Ecology Essay

It rejects the belief that we have absolute foundations both for our scientific and our political claims.

Postmodernism is about the world that we have lived in since the 1960s, where authority of all kinds has been questioned. He’s a well-known contemporary philosopher, and he said that neurophysiologists are learning to live with the possibility that there is no "central processing unit" in the brain that controls and filters everything, and that there are parallel temporal sequences going on there.

Certainly the old ideologies of left and right are pretty bankrupt, in terms of their ability to address these issues.

Critics have latched onto the fact that on one or two occasions, certain deep ecologists have called for Draconian measures to save the planet from destruction at the hands of human beings.

According to social ecologist Murray Bookchin, deep ecology fails to see that the problem of the environmental crisis is directly linked to authoritarianism and hierarchy.

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By supposedly not recognizing the social roots of the environmental crisis, deep ecologists invite themselves to be accused of nature mysticism.

They say the real problem isn’t anthropocentrism but -centeredness.

They say that 10,000 years of patriarchy is ultimately responsible for the destruction of the biosphere and the development of authoritarian practices, both socially and environmentally.

This would involve a pretty radical change of consciousness, but it would make our behavior more consistent with what science tells us is necessary for the well-being of life on Earth.

We just wouldn’t do certain things that damage the planet, just as you wouldn’t cut off your own finger.


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