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Webster takes the predictions in stride and asks only if the Union will prevail.

Scratch reluctantly admits that, although a war will be fought over the issue, the United States will remain united.

In Daniel's speech "He was talking about the things that make a country a country, and a man a man" rather than legal points of the case.

For Webster, freedom and independence defines manhood: "Yes, even in hell, if a man was a man, you'd know it." This theme of American patriotism, freedom and independence is the explanation for Webster's victory: the jury is damned to hell, but they are American and therefore so independent that they can resist the devil.

However, in reality many of the jury would not have classed themselves as Americans, as Governor Dale, Morton, Hathorne, and Blackbeard were English, and King Phillip was a Wampanoag. Classifying the jurors as "Americans" involves a wider definition, including all who had a part in its history – even those who lived and died as English subjects before 1775, the Loyalists who actively opposed the creation of the U.

Butler and Girty would have called themselves Americans – and indeed were Americans – but they were Loyalists, and Webster might not have intended any but U. S., and those Indians (like King Philip) who interacted with the new civilization.Scratch underlines this definition by saying of the jury "Americans all". Earlier, he states flatly "A man is not a piece of property." Later, there is this description "And when he talked of those enslaved, and the sorrows of slavery, his voice got like a big bell." Benét acknowledges the evil by having the devil say: "When the first wrong was done to the first Indian, I was there.When the first slaver put out for the Congo, I stood on her deck." As for Webster, "He admitted all the wrong that had ever been done.This desire to end the institution was a mainspring of his support for the Union.The story may be seen as ambivalent on the treatment of the Native Americans.The jury announces its verdict: "We find for the defendant, Jabez Stone." They admit, "Perhaps 'tis not strictly in accordance with the evidence, but even the damned may salute the eloquence of Mr.Webster." The judge and jury disappear with the break of dawn. Scratch congratulates Webster, and the contract is torn up.Yet later on, Daniel Webster's appeal to the jury on "what it means to be American" specifically includes King Philip among "the Americans".This is an anachronism, as the historical Daniel Webster was closer to the events and would have been unlikely to express such an opinion." Stone is visited the next day by a stranger, who later identifies himself as "Mr. It goes poorly for Webster, since the signature and the contract are clear and Mr. We fought England for that in '12 and we'll fight all hell for it again! Scratch insists on his citizenship, citing his presence at the worst events in the history of the U.Scratch", and makes such an offer in exchange for seven years of prosperity. S., concluding, "though I don't like to boast of it, my name is older in this country than yours." Webster demands a trial as the right of every American. Scratch agrees after Webster says that he can select the judge and jury, "so long as it is an American judge and an American jury." A jury of the damned then enters, "with the fires of hell still upon them." They had all done evil, and had all played a part in the formation of the United States: After five other unnamed jurors enter (Benedict Arnold being out "on other business"), the judge enters last – John Hathorne, the infamous and unrepentant executor of the Salem witch trials. He is ready to rage, without care for himself or Stone, but he catches himself: he sees in the jurors' eyes that they want him to act thus.


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