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Till the late 1990s after sale service had been viewed by manufacturing (“The contribution of customer satisfaction of after sale service Dissertation”, n.d.) Retrieved from

Assignment Two There has been a lot of discussion about the relation between service quality and satisfaction.

Additionally, each respondent will have the right not to participate further at any point of time.

Individual responses as well as the final results of the survey will kept strictly confidential, and all response forms as well as stored data will be destroyed once the analysis is completed to ensure complete privacy of participants. Literature Review RQ1: Investigate levels of customer satisfaction with Audi?

I will be able to provide a confirmation letter from the company with their approval, in order to carry out the project research proposal. Research questions Explanatory Objectives RQ1: Investigate levels of customer satisfaction with Audi?

(This objective will assess and quantify the level of satisfaction that an Audi customer has.) RQ2: Which specific factors in the provision of after sales service affect customer satisfaction?

While many researchers are of the belief that customer satisfaction is very similar to service quality, some others are of the opinion that both are two different concepts.

Admittedly, a look into literature proves that while service quality is something measurable and comparable, customer satisfaction is a more complex one which is influenced by perceptions of satisfaction and customer expectations along with quality.

Volkswagen is a German automobile manufacturing company and is one of the largest car manufacturing companies in the world.

The stated vision of Audi is “Audi – the number one premium brand”.


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