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And if you’re reading about permissions, think “scopes”.

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I’m a BIG fan of The Dark Tower books (talk to me if you have questions re movie).

And yes, in the spirit of completeness, there’s a third type where your users can sign-in using a username (another local account type), but let’s skip that for now.

This sample is where I had my lightbulb “I get it now” moment, only thanks to a very patient onboarding buddy who didn’t mind explaining Reply URIs and Fiddler several times. BTW I’m not discussing the libraries being used (MSAL and OWIN) here.

There are step by step directions for registering an application but here’s the resulting screenshot for this particular Web App sample.

I bold Web App as to not confuse with Web API project.Let’s break this diagram down a bit: To be more accurate, this is the grant type = authentication code flow, where the browser receives an authorization code, which gets traded for an access token that’s only sent to the browser…but for now for us non-web devs, let’s stay high level. More on tokens later, but for now, just know it is a string that is sent back.We’ll look at a token in depth in a future blog post. “Scopes” are the official term used inside a token to represent permissions.If you’re looking at a decoded token and see “scopes”, think permissions.Now that we know what our samples will do, we’ll need to first create a B2C Tenant (also known as a Directory).This tenant/directory thingy is the triangle you saw in the above diagram.Now I want to share with you all my same lightbulb moment – just to get you up and running with the sample. Honestly, I haven’t ramped up on that yet, so stay tuned. Inside the solution, you’ll find two projects: This sample demonstrates using the Sign Up or Sign In policy to create / sign in with an email address. Have I mentioned I’m not a web dev, wandering in a world that has moved on into Java Script? Here’s how the sample works once we’ve wired it all up. The user sees his/her display name (and if you wire-up the entire sample, you’ll get edit profile and reset password working – but for now let’s just get To-Do list working) 4.Once logged in, the user can click To-do List and enter some Todos.To recap the screenshot above: Getting the Client Secret When you first want to talk to B2C from your Web App, you need to send it the Client ID (aka the Application ID as shown in the portal) and the Client Secret.It’s kinda like “I am who I say I am, and here’s the Client secret to prove it.” These client credentials are sent via the HTTP request in the Web App during the initial `/authorize` endpoint call, kicking off the rest of the authorization flow.


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