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For I am going to contend that when your own work is being criticized you are, in one sense, in a specially advantageous position for detecting the goodness or badness of the critique.This may sound paradoxical, but of course all turns on my reservation, .The Four Loves - hardcover A Grief Observed - paperback - Lewis' account of his feelings on the death of his wife. 1 (1905-1931)Hooper, Walter – Collected Letters Vol.

Since it is written from the Devil's side, all terms relating to the Almighty are reversed: e.g. That Hideous Strength (Space Trilogy) – paperback Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold The Abolition of Man - A philosophical treatise on the existence of absolute values, one of the basic premises of Lewis' work. Allegory of Love: A Study in Medieval Tradition All My Road Before Me: The Diary of C. Lewis, 1922-1927 (OP, used copies available)Boxen: The Imaginary World of the Young C. Lewis (OP, used copies available)Christian Reflections The Discarded Image: An Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Literature English Literature in the Sixteenth Century (Excluding Drama)An Experiment in Criticism Fern Seed and Elephants (OP, used copies available)The Four Loves - paperback - An analysis of the different types of love - storge (affection), philia (friendship), eros (romantic love), and agape (Godly love).

Emphasizes that all the loves are realized fully as they are subservient to the love of God. Lewis Index Gresham, Douglas – Jack’s Life Hooper, Walter and Green, Roger Lancelyn - C. Lewis: A Biography (OP, used copies available)Hooper, Walter - C. Lewis: A Companion and Guide Hooper, Walter – Collected Letters Vol. Lewis’s Case for Christ Lindvall, Terry - Surprised by Laughter: The Comic World of C. Lewis (OP, used copies available)Markos, Louis – Lewis Agonistes Martindale, Wayne – Beyond the Shadowlands: C. Lewis on Heaven and Hell Martindale, Wayne and Root, Jerry - The Quotable Lewis Mills, David (editor) - The Pilgrim's Guide : C.

But beyond his stories and books, we shouldn’t forget his essays. Sayers 83) The Novels of Charles Williams 84) Learning in War-Time 85) Bulverism (or, The Foundation of 20th Century Thought) 86) The Founding of the Oxford Socratic Club 87) My First School 88) Democratic Education 89) Blimpophobia 90) Private Bates 91) Meditation in a Tool Shed 92) On the Transmission of Christianity 93) Modern Man and His Categories of Thought 94) Historicism 95) The Empty Universe 96) Interim Report 97) Is History Bunk? Lewis on Christianity 122) A Village Experience 123) Correspondence With an Anglican Who Dislikes Hymns 124) The Church’s Liturgy, Invocation, and Invocation of Saints 125) The Holy Name 126) Mere Christians 127) Canonization 128) Pittenger-Lewis and Version Vernacular 129) Capital Punishment and Death Penalty Short Stories 130) The Man Born Blind 131) The Dark Tower 132) The Dark Tower (continued) 133) The Dark Tower (continued) 134) Ministering Angels 135) The Shoddy Lands 136) After Ten Years 137) Forms of Things Unknown C.

Lewis was one of the most clear and insightful essayists of the twentieth century. The collection was published in London and few copies were printed, so copies are scarce in the United States. 98) Before We Can Communicate 99) First and Second Things 100) The Poison of Subjectivism 101) Equality 102) De Futilitate 103) A Dream 104) Hedonics 105) Talking About Bicycles 106) Vivisection 107) The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment 108) Behind the Scenes 109) The Necessity of Chivalry 110) The Inner Ring 111) Two Lectures 112) Some Thoughts 113) X-mas and Christmas 114) Revival or Decay 115) Delinquents in the Snow 116) Willing Slaves of the Welfare State 117) Screwtape Proposes a Toast Letters 118) The Conditions for a Just War 119) The Conflict in Anglican Theology 120) Miracles 121) Mr.

(Lewis' last book published posthumously in 1964.)Mere Christianity - paperback - The basic book detailing the "case for Christianity," what Christians believe, and Christian behavior. - A Love Observed : Joy Davidman's Life & Marriage to C. Lewis (OP, used copies available)Downing, David – Into the Region of Awe: Mysticism in C. Lewis Downing, David - Planets in Peril: A Critical Study of C. Lewis's Ransom Trilogy Downing, David - The Most Reluctant Christian Duriez, Colin - The C. Lewis Encyclopedia: A Complete Guide to His Life, Thought, and Writings Ford, Paul - Companion to Narnia Gilbert, Douglas and Kilby, Clyde S.

Written in keeping with Lewis' statement that the best service he could offer was to "explain and defend the belief that has been common to nearly all Christians at all times." (First given as a series of radio talks on the BBC and originally published in three separate volumes.)ere Christianity - hardcover Miracles: A Preliminary Study - Gives a basic defense of the existence of the supernatural as opposed to naturalism.

In that way the author-critic might no doubt profit, as a critic, by reviews of his critical work.

I am considering how he could profit, as a critic, by reviews of his non-critical works: his poems, plays, stories, or what not; what he can learn about the art of criticism by seeing it practiced on himself; how he can become a better, or less bad, critic of other men's imaginative works from the treatment of his own imaginative works.

22) The Decline of Religion 23) Unforgiveness 24) The Pains of Animals 25) Petitionary Prayer: A Problem Without an Answer 26) On Obstinacy in Belief 27) What Christmas Means to Me 28) The Psalms 29) Religion and Rocketry 30) The Efficacy of Prayer 31) Fern Seed and Elephants 32) The Language of Religion 33) Transposition 34) Why I am Not a Pacifist 35) Dangers of National Repentance 36) Two Ways With the Self 37) Meditation on the Third Commandment 38) On Ethics 39) Three Kinds of Men 40) Answers to Questions on Christianity 41) The Laws of Nature 42) Membership 43) The Sermon and the Lunch 44) Scraps 45) After Priggery – What? 47) The Trouble With X 48) On Living in an Atomic Age 49) Lillies that Fester 50) Good Work and Good Works 51) A Slip of the Tongue 52) We Have No Right to Happiness 53) Christian Reunion: An Anglican Speaks to Roman Catholics 54) Priestesses in the Church?

The 39 hours of audio is performed by the late British actor, Ralph Cosham (1936–2014). 3) The Funeral of a Great Myth 4) God In the Dark 5) What Are We to Make of Jesus Christ? 17) Myth Became Fact 18) Religion and Science 19) Christian Apologetics 20) Work and Prayer 21) Religion Without Dogma?


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