Critical Thinking Vs Strategic Thinking

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Changing one’s habits of thought is a long-range project, happening over years, not weeks or months. Set aside the problems over which you have no control, concentrating your efforts on those problems you can potentially solve. Distinguish problems under your control from problems beyond your control.

The essential traits of a critical thinker require an extended period of development. How can we help ourselves and our students to practice better thinking in everyday life? 3) Figure out the information you need and actively seek that information. Recognize explicitly your limitations as far as money, time, and power.

Further details to our descriptions may need to be added for those who know little about critical thinking. This may involve direct action or a carefully thought-through wait-and-see strategy. What would you do differently if you could re-live the situation? Choose one intellectual trait---intellectual perseverance, autonomy, empathy, courage, humility, etc.--- to strive for each month, focusing on how you can develop that trait in yourself.

As time passes, you will notice patterns in your thinking. At the beginning of each day (perhaps driving to work or going to school) choose a problem to work on when you have free moments.

If a person is comfortable in a concrete and controllable universe, thinking into the future where predictability is limited can be an unsettling experience.

Tactical planning and action can be a comfort zone beyond which leaders may not want to go.One of my favorite authors for strategy topics is Martin Reeves.Reeves states: lice Waagen, Ph D is president of Workforce Learning LLC, a management consulting company that provides business leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to build organizations that are productive and healthy. Waagen is passionate about helping her corporate clients and the missions that they serve.We bring exciting content to you through webinars from subject matter experts and thought leaders to help you explore new ideas, gain industry insight, and improve people skills in your workplace.We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.Using a variety of tools, will help you develop your thinking about an important challenge or opportunity in your own organization.You will become more aware of any biases or assumptions that stand in the way of achieving results.She strives to make every engagement produce tangible value by helping business executives discover better, faster and more efficient ways to lead their workforces to business success.HRDQ-U is a free learning community for trainers and facilitators, coaches and consultants, organization development professionals, managers, supervisors and leaders; really anyone who shares a passion for soft-skills training and performance improvement.One of the challenges of any consultant’s life is to be vigilant in spotting trends.When a number of clients are asking for the same service, I sit up and ask: what is going on that the same pain, the same challenge is popping up with some regularity.


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