Critical Thinking Ability

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So critical thinking absolutely depends on traditions.

There’s no question that critical thinking means something Until Einstein, no physicist was ever more influential than Isaac Newton.

At the same time, the Enlightenment also came with many downsides, particularly the fact that it was so hostile to tradition.

This hostility is understandable given the state of Europe at the time — ripped apart by bloody conflict between different religions, and oppressed by traditional monarchs who rooted their power in that of the Church.

Too often, people talk about critical thinkers as though they’re solitary explorers, forging their own path through the jungle of ideas without help from others. Real critical thinking means you constantly engage with other people, listen to what they have to say, and try to imagine how they see the world.

By seeing things from someone else’s perspective, you can generate far more new ideas than you could by relying on your own knowledge alone.Skepticism keeps you on the lookout for bad arguments, and rationality helps you figure out exactly arguments when you see them, and then to move beyond them and understand their further implications.It’s not enough to just be skeptical and knock the holes in every argument that you hear.Sooner or later you have to come up with your own ideas, your own solutions, and your own visions.That requires a creative and independent mind, but one that is also capable of listening and learning.Although video games are sometimes simply a passive way to enjoy yourself, they sometimes rely on critical thinking skills.This is particularly true of puzzle games and role playing games (RPGs) that present your character with puzzles at critical moments.After all, rejecting tradition Traditions provide valuable resources for critical thinking, and without them it would be impossible.Think about this: the English language is a tradition, and without it you wouldn’t be sitting there reading these (hopefully useful) words about critical thinking!This makes them more receptive to information, better listeners and learners.Skepticism means you always demand evidence and don’t simply accept what others tell you.


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