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I interpreted this as 'ignorance is not bliss' and instead, it breeds fear in people.

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There will always be various interpretations regarding these values, and you can express your understanding of the text through your portrayal of certain characters, or through the events in your response.

For example, if you were studying and wanted to explore how human nature cannot be restrained or limited by law and punishment, you could write a continuation of the play in which the city of Vienna has reverted to its original state of moral decay. Little wrinkles appeared around her bright eyes, her dimples made an appearance that dug into her cheeks as a big grin emerged to show her perfect teeth.

But be careful when making decisions about structure, conventions and language.

If the text is written in very formal and concise language, it is probably not a good idea to use slang.

Great imaginative pieces are not only graded on how good your story telling skills are.

More importantly, your teachers would be grading on the palpable links to the themes of the text and prompt you have been given.

For many students, writing creative pieces can be slightly daunting.

For some, it is about unleashing the writer within as the boundaries and thematic constraints that exist in Text Response are lifted.

You can do this by writing a continuation of the storyline (i.e. ), or by filling in gaps in the plot line which the author did not explicitly outline (what happens behind the scenes that caused the outcome?

) In this way, your response will be completely original and still demonstrate an understanding of the world of the text.


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