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You can then copy, move, rename, and edit the note to suit your needs.Learn more » Are you the sort of writer who wants a solid plan in place before typing “Chapter 1?With this step-by-step guide, you’ll think about who your protagonist is, what he or she wants, and the problems or conflicts they must overcome.

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Chase’s athletic ability and Mackenzie’s brains), but also give them faults.

I always give my characters a fear because everyone is afraid of something. You can bet that characters will have to face their biggest fear in the course of the story.

She’s waiting for transportation to an island resort when she sees a fin. The girls chase the boy, weaving in and out of tourists, the carousel and dodgems.

She thinks it’s a shark and it’s heading right for her. They work together to retrieve the backpack on the trampoline, but the boy gets catapulted off the pier and into the sea – only he can’t swim.

This classic, logical method of storytelling takes you from your story’s initial setup and inciting incident through rising action, turning points, and resolution. Story beats template Adapted from the world of screenwriting, this popular method replaces the concept of acts with a set of milestones that commonly appear in many kinds of stories.

Hitting these “beats” gives your story a rhythm while leaving the details open to your imagination. Snowflake method checklist Maybe you’d rather work from the top down than from the ground up. ), Randy Ingermanson’s “snowflake method” grows an entire novel from a single sentence.

Each step of the process methodically expands upon the one before, filling in detail until you have a complete draft. Story timeline tracker Regardless of the plotting method you use, keeping track of time in your novel is important.

Did your hero get that threatening letter on Tuesday or Sunday?

Does the next scene happen on a sunny morning or in the dead of night?

This template will keep your novel’s clock ticking smoothly. Chapter outline Once you’re in the writing groove, you may not want to wade through all your plotting notes to remember what comes next.


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