Creative Writing Alphabet Letters

The style of artist of Georges Seurat is a playful inspiration for an artful alphabet font. Within each letter, use a dark, medium and light shade of the same color to create variation. Erase the pencil lines so the dots and dashes create the letterforms. In other letters, use the bullet tip to fill the letters with dashes going in a variety of directions.

Using dots and dashes of color in the impressionistic pointillism style creates an optical treat as the energetic filler for hand-drawn letters. Combine dots and dashes within a letter for even more variation.

Create some dimension and drama using a basic chisel-tip-marker font with gray shadows along each letter.

This bold hand lettering technique is super simple yet always impressive. Write the alphabet using the broad chisel tip of a black permanent marker to create the uppercase bold alphabet. Use the pointed tip of the chisel to draw the lowercase alphabet. Using the brush end of a gray permanent marker, add the shadow along the left edge of each letter so the light seems to come from the right.

Joanne Sharpe shares 10 hand lettering techniques, from simple to complex, that are all simple to follow and fun to do, excerpted from her book now, you will also get a bonus hand lettering lesson free!

Hand lettering art can absolutely be a stress-free process, as you explore the components of letters and how they become art images.Calligraphy is an art that can help us present our words in a unique and outstanding manner, making them not only speak, but act from your behalf.That's why calligraphy turned into some sort of a crossing point between drawing and writing.In this video you will see how demonstrates single stroke lettering technique.He teaches pinstriping and lettering at the Airbrush Getaway Workshops.Be inspired by each sample alphabet and imitate the details.But don’t ever be afraid to put a little spin on the ideas to make the hand lettering reflect your own personal style and your creative voice.If you’ve never had formal lessons in calligraphy, try using a specific calligraphy marker to make a stylized alphabet with your own handwriting. Inside the lines, hold the Elegant Writer medium-sized calligraphy pen at a 45-degree angle and write the upper and lowercase alphabet. On the next row, write the letters with the same pen but on a slant for a slightly more stylized look. On the next row, write the letters at a back and forth slant with a flourish at the end, making the 45-degree angle of the pen do the work for you.You can achieve a lettering look unique to you using the features of a chisel-tip marker and being comfortable with your hand movement and letter formation. You can also explore a new look by wetting the edges of the letters with a waterbrush to let the ink pool out.It will take a few tries to gauge just the right amount of water.You don’t want too much or too little, so experiment and practice first. To paint the letters, drop in watercolor paints and let the colors pool, allowing them to migrate and swirl to fill the letterform. Watch the color spread throughout the letter, giving it a somewhat marbled look.


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