Craigie Frederic Dissertation

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Doctoral programs at Frederick University are research-based programs offered at School level that provide a framework for state-of-the-art research in the various domains of research interest the particular School is involved with.

Their aim is to pursue research and advance knowledge, extending the boundaries of what is known.

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International co-operation in the use of elite military forces to counter terrorism: The British and American experience, with special reference to their respective experiences in the evolution of low-intensity operations.

The relations between the productions of broadcasting organisations, the social experiences of audiences and the meaning attached to programmes, with particular reference to recent institutional and technical changes in mass communications.

For the list of master programs offered, visit the postgraduate studies page at the university's web site.

Admission to the program can only occur through calls made by the Schools, which can either be specific to a field of interest, or broad for expression of interest.


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