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The most important thing to ensure you start down the right path is for you to summarise and confirm the question with the interviewer.Verify the objective: the first thing consultants do with clients is to define what “success” looks like to that client and to find out why that is the case. By asking these questions, it will not only show your sensitivity to the case and it could also uncover vital information.Case studies are used to assess a range of skills which can broadly be summarised as your “commercial skill set”.

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By practising the relevant case studies above and using the tips on structure, you will increase your success rate in case studies and feel more comfortable on the day.

He manages entry and junior opportunities across various industries.

There is a mechanism to master and to roll-out at a good pace on D-Day, but it’s little compared to a case study.

If you do not yet have very clear ideas on what a case study is, here are a few items to help you grasp the stakes: 1) It’s a business issue that needs to be resolved in a short period of time.

For example, if you needed to estimate the price of a coffee at EAT in order to find out their revenue, a sensible assumption is £2, not £10 even if counting in multiples of 10 is easier.

At the same time, £1.19 is probably not the best choice, even if it is more accurate because it will be harder when you come to using your mental maths. Finally, reading this article is a good first step to being successful in your case study but practice will be what makes the difference between a job offer or not.

In a traditional interview, once the candidate has been trained, it is a matter of practice.

Of course, one must understand the intricacies of job interviews.

By following this, you won’t forget any elements and your answer will be concise and well-structured.

Making sensible assumptions: this is potentially one of the hardest parts to get right as it requires you to make a sufficiently detailed assumption without making it too complex that you will not be able to do the mental maths correctly to come to the right answer.


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