Constitutional Law Essay Exams

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The state bar had just mistakenly sent the topics list to 16 law school deans before the exam rather than after it.

While the state bar didn’t think any of the 16 deans disclosed the essay question information, “out of an abundance of caution and fairness,” it decided to share the essay question topics—which included civil procedure, remedies and constitutional law, criminal law and procedure, and professional responsibility and contracts—with all test-takers.

This is true even if the other professor is now President of the United States.

2/ Recycling one of your own exams is pedagogically suspect.

You must know colleagues who teaches in the same area?

Trading exams can produce a great discussion, especially if you disagree with each other.4/ Reviewing the in-class problems or exercises you did with your students during the semester is a great source of exam material. It can provide details, but it can also frame the narrative of your exam.And you do want your exam to be interesting, don’t you?If you are lucky enough to have involved Academic Support Professors, as I am, their expertise is a gift you shouldn’t refuse.If you haven’t had the opportunity to have lunch with someone from Academic Support this semester, now would be a good time.Even if you attempted to keep your previous exam questions secret and for some reason eschewed the better practice of distributing previous exam questions to students for their studying purposes), if they can find Professor Obama’s exam from 1996, they can find your previous exams. 3/ Selecting the format of the exam is most likely no longer an option, because your syllabus stated (didn’t it?) whether the exam would be essay, open-book, short essays, or multiple choice.These experiences can help you tailor the exam to this year’s students and make their experience unique.It can also improve attendance in future semesters. 5/ Reflecting current controversies, especially those that have been newsworthy, can be a great strategy in drafting an exam.As for taking each other’s exams, well, that can also produce a discussion.12/ Consulting with Academic Support can provide support for you as well as for your students.


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