Conflicting Perspectives Essay Julius Caesar

Conflicting Perspectives Essay Julius Caesar-76
Caesar is the author of this account and as such is unlikely to speak negatively about himself.In addition to this, there will be elements of propaganda involved in a published account of his wartime activities.

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Suetonius (Divus Julius 76) recounts Caesar’s pollution of the Senate through the admission of ‘some men who had made free of the city, and even natives of Gaul, who were semi-barbarians’ [1].

Two types of appointment specifically recalled by Dio (Roman History 42.51.5 and 43.27.2) are soldiers and ‘unworthy’ people [2].

On the other hand Weinstock (1971) outlines several explanations for perceived slights on Caesar’s part demonstrating that the conspirators plot hinged in some circumstances, upon rumour.

These viewpoints require due consideration whilst assessing the key factors for the assassination.

Similar recollections of Caesar’s clemency are identifiable in Plutarch (Caesar 34.4), Cicero (Letters Atticus:9.16 and 8.13) and Dio (Roman History 41.15.4).

There were political reasons for such clemency, namely the restoration of an agreeable situation in Rome (Canfora, 209).Shakespeare identifies three reasons for Caesar’s assassination in a speech delivered by Brutus: Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.Had you rather Caesar were living and die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to live all freemen?This was a key moment in the history of Rome that began the transference from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire.It is essential, therefore, to understand what factors led to Caesar’s assassination.It required a considerable amount of money for a Roman to raise their profile and lay the groundwork for a political career.The culmination of this monetary outlay was an appointment to the Senate.Syme (19) notes though that these people were not unusual appointments and that the majority would have had property and wealth.However, the appointing of non-Romans to situations of high office would have been unacceptable.The evidence supports the viewpoint of Wiseman (1971:8) who, in considering the opinion of Syme, states that ‘Caesar was accused of opening the Senate to riff raff of all sorts.’ The evidence demonstrates that Caesar’s actions would have been particularly unpopular likely resulting in sections of the senate turning against him, particularly those who risked losing positions of authority.The dilution of the aristocratic element of the Senate and appointment through use of dictatorial power would all have been unpopular with the oligarchy.


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