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Internal assessment counts for 33.3% of your final grade. Choose a topic from one of these categories: A question where scientific knowledge is not certain Collect information from different places: books, the internet, newspapers – look for different views on the topic. Make it clear if you have quoted or copied something.

You will have to perform a preliminary and produce a plan before you carry out the actual investigation.

The plan is expected to use the results of the preliminary to suggest a possible experiment that can be carried out.

For example, if one obtained the marks 8 7 6 5 and 7 4 7 3, the overall mark would be 8 7 7 5, giving a total of 27 marks.

The coursework marking is the same for all the subjects – even if you are doing Dual Award science, you will still have to do at least three pieces of coursework.

The evaluation deals not with results but rather the validity of the method, possible points of improvement and points similar to such.

The conclusion, going off of most making schemes, is generally a third of the marks that the evaluation is.

However, if you use any of the rest of this book, you will need to acknowledge it as you would do with other textbook (see How do I cite a Wikibooks module in a paper). Although it is likely to be the same for other exam boards, check if you will be taking an exam from another exam board.

Specifically, AQA's marking scheme is hierarchical – the lower marks need to be obtained before the higher ones are. The mark descriptions are taken verbatim from the AQA documents, and their use is contended to be fair use.


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