Computers In The Medical Field Essay

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My aptitude and interest grew simultaneously, fueling each other in a sort of feedback loop.

My aptitude and interest grew simultaneously, fueling each other in a sort of feedback loop.

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As technology advances, the third generation will involve the use of complex health management programs and the managing of clinical information.

(Douglass K., 1997), “It will be challenging to regulate health care on the Internet.

They eased the dying process, even occasionally pulling patients back from the dead. As I grew older, I gained experience that shaped this childhood assessment of a doctor’s job into a more realistic perspective; the more I learned about research and clinical work, the more confident I became that I want to be a physician.

In high school, I discovered that I excelled in the sciences.

Computers not only aid in the administration and organization of patient records, but in actual health care.

Computers In The Medical Field Essay

The Internet has made a huge impact on the health care system. The appliances of science and technology have revolutionized our way of life.There is nothing that has influenced our lives more than a computer.Not only did I find the subject matter fascinating, but the process itself also captivated me.I liked setting my own schedule, learning at my own pace, and designing my own experiments.I decided that I wanted to be a physician who also does basic science research.Later, in college, I reaffirmed my affinity for research in the field of chemistry.The origins of my own desire to become a physician have been less dramatic, but equally sound.As a child, whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered with a rainbow of possibilities, including fireman, policeman, musician, and of course, doctor.The medical field is continuously using the newest technology to better the treatment and diagnosis of patients in order to help people.There are many different aspects in which technology is being used to improve the field of medicine.


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