Compare Contrast Essay Beowulf Vs 13th Warrior

Compare Contrast Essay Beowulf Vs 13th Warrior-45
The story leaves , when Ibn Fahdlan is chosen as the thirteenth warrior for a mission to save a kingdom further north from monsters.

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He and his companion see the culture of the Northmen, and the often wild differences between Arabic and Northmen cultures.

One of the Northmen, Herger, is able to understand Latin, and explains the events around them to Ibn Fahdlan.

centers around the voyage of an Arab, traveling in Northern Europe, who meets a group of Northmen, or Vikings.

Throughout the film, the customs of each culture are compared, mostly through the experiences of Ibn Fahdlan and Herger.

explained, Ibn Fahdlan in the film observed the entire ritual, but did not necessarily make any judgments about the Northmen and their methods.

The film continually progresses to the point where both sides find the value of the other, and appreciate their differences. This effect grows stronger throughout the film, as the storyline of the Wendol emerges.

Especially in the early parts of the film, the masculinity of the Northmen put them at odds with Ibn Fahdlan.

, characters taunt Ibn Fahdlan’s horse and call it a small dog, poke fun at his smaller sword, and goad him into arguments about his mother.

She presents it to her master, and he washes his hands and face, and the hair of his head which he also washes, and combs it into the bowl with a comb.

Then he blows his nose and spits into it, and indeed there is no filthy deed that he refrains from doing in that water.


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