Compare And Contrast Soccer And Football Essay

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[2] While there are a massive amount of Americans who play the game, these numbers do not carry over into soccer fandom in the United States. Americans have developed a fixation with “purely traditional” American sports, such as football, baseball and basketball.

The United States has immense success with these sports, especially on a global scale.

Soccer has become a custom that almost every American family has felt connected to or been a part of in some way or another.

Nonetheless, this omnipresence of soccer in a society and culture in countries around the world, is not comparable to the soccer culture in the United States.

Over 13 million Americans play soccer in the United States, making it the “third most played team sport in the United States”.

In addition, there were about 24 million American viewers of the World Cup Final in 2010.It is interesting to note, however, that the lack of beauty would be expected if there was a lack of participation in playing at the youth level.However, we do see lots of youth participation, so the beauty that is not appreciated is a bit paradoxical.For as long as I can remember, I have been a fervent football supporter, and my years of being both a player and spectator have made me who I am today.The first time I put on a football uniform and stepped onto the field, I was completely unaware of the importance this game would play on my life.Football is truly more than "just a game", it has taught me some of the most important values in my life such as perseverance, teamwork and leadership.Countless hours have I spent on the football field, perfecting moves and skills, striving to be as talented as my football heroes; it has taught me to be able to accept failure but never stop trying.However, this national rally behind a sport does not exist for soccer.These other sports have been seen as “crowding out” soccer, leaving no more available “sport space” for Americans to undertake.In a soccer match, some of the best plays and true beauty of the sport may be seen in the times not directly resulting in goal.When this appreciation of the true beauty is missing, there is no doubt that the 90-plus minutes of a low-scoring game will result in some very bored viewers.


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