Compare And Contrast Essay Brutus And Antony

Compare And Contrast Essay Brutus And Antony-89
Brutus approached his audience using a sense of superiority, which he credited to his feeling of loyalty towards the Romans.He began his oration by addressing the crowd with, "Romans, countrymen and lovers" (53) showing his order of priorities.This type of language is formal and elaborate, and he speaks as though he is talking to the senate.

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Brutus his trusty friend killed for Rome while Cassius his jealous counterpart killed over hate.

Brutus starts off with “Romans, countrymen and lovers!

” He starts with “Romans”, because in his eyes he feels his country is more important then his lovers, Caesar.

He realises how much the crowd feel pride in their country, so manipulates their weak spot, in the hope that they will see his point of reason.

None are offended or argue with his words or actions. In doing so the people see Antony as a possible successor to Caesar.

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The fickle crowd have already forgotten Brutus's words and are now swayed by Antony's.

Rather, he kept attempting to justify his actions and in doing so did not allow him to truly connect with his audience.

There were many similarities between the way that both Brutus and Antony spoke in their orations.

The crowd is incensed and want to kill the conspirators and Antony's final words cleverly through subtlety and irony allow the rampage and civil unrest that follows.

" O master, it I were disposed to stir your heart and minds to mutiny and rage, I should do Brutus wrong and Cassius wrong, Who (you all know) are honourable men, I will not do them wrong; I rather choose To wrong the dead, to wrong myself and you, Than I will wrong such honourable men." "Good Friends, sweet friends, let me not stir you up to such sudden flood of mutiny." Although both Brutus and Antony spoke will and impressed the crowd, Antony's emotion and openness forced the crowd to re-examine the notion of loyalty and in doing so show how easily they can be manipulated.


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