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He received his Ph D in political science from Indiana University. This Institute will focus on how to format your course to take advantage of relevant current events, such as the 2016 Presidential election, to not only stimulate student interest in the political process, but also to help you manage the time constraints of your class schedule.The course is comprised of ten (10) content modules: the first three (3) highlight the major terms and concepts found in the study of comparative politics, the subsequent modules focus on the six (6) countries that form the core of the AP Comparative Government and Politics course: The United Kingdom, Russia, China, Mexico, Nigeria and Iran.

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He has served on the test development committee, developed test questions and reviewed course syllabi.

Over the past few summers he has led AP Comparative Politics seminars at several APSIs and has made presentations on teaching comparative politics at APACs.

Module ten (10) prepares students for both the final exam and the AP exam.

Student work will be required outside of class time.

The class will be run in a seminar fashion: students will be responsible for research projects, formal presentations, current events, and group discussions.

There will be approximately three research papers or essay examinations, and three multiple choice tests per trimester. Grades will be based on research papers, test scores, quizzes and class participation.This examination is approximately two hours and twenty-five minutes long, and consists of a 45-minute multiple-choice section and a 100-minute essay section.Section I, the multiple-choice section, contains 60 questions and will account for approximately 50% of the final composite score.Section II, the free-response section of the examination, consists of three mandatory sections.The first question will consist of 5 definition and description items on basic concepts in political science; the second question will be a free response bullet essay concerning abstract conceptual and structural analysis; the last two questions will be free response bullet essays focusing on the six themes used in the course (history and political culture, social divisions, the formal structures of government, forms of participation, leadership groups, and policy issues), and will involve comparisons between the six "core" countries (Britain, China, Russia, Mexico, Iran, and Nigeria).Practice Essays for the examination may be found at the College Board Advanced Placement Comparative Government Homepage.This course is designed to give inexperienced and experienced teachers the tools necessary to develop an Advanced Placement Comparative Government and Politics course in the public or private school setting.This will be determined by the interests of the participants and the pace of discussion) Glenn Hastedt is a long time reader in AP Comparative Politics.He has served as table leader, question leader, exam leader and most recently as chief reader.Students enrolled in this course will take the Advanced Placement Examination in Comparative Government and Politics.The 2013 AP Examination in Comparative Government will be held during the afternoon session of Monday, May 3.


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