Coleman Mach Thermostat Problem Solving

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In both instances, I contacted Airxcel and they sent replacement parts, free of charge. So, sounds like the low profile Dometic units sound like our Coleman (especially the one in the bedroom).

In both instances, I contacted Airxcel and they sent replacement parts, free of charge. So, sounds like the low profile Dometic units sound like our Coleman (especially the one in the bedroom).

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Also, reducing that blower fan noise outside won't help the jarring noise and vibration of the angle mounted compressor in the Mach 8.

Air Xcel says the Mach 15 is specifically designed for high demand and high humidity environments.

It won't block the airflow near as much and will greatly assist the unit's ability to cool.

This can be done on the Mach 15 but there is no room to move that control box up into the AC unit in the original Mach 8.

Of course I am no mechanical engineer, but that seems to be what is happening.

Then there is the blower noise which is heard inside and outside on the Mach 8 units.The compressor is non-replaceable--considered a non-serviceable part anyway. Gee whiz, it's like it isn't even there--except that it would be untenable in the camper without it! I took our rig up to Dynamax for the warranty work and then to Mor Ryde.I find myself anticipating the failure of the unit in our bedroom, just so that I can enjoy the quieter operation! So, kwoodrg, roger that about the Mach 15 vs the 8. They are beginning the removal of the OE, then installing the IS w/Kodiak disc system, tomorrow.If you need to replace an AC and want quieter operation and better cooling AND can deal with a minor modification to the mount procedure as well as a few more inches in height then I would greatly recommend the Mach 15.2014 Dynamax Trilogy 37BH 20 DRW Just out of curiosity, did you contact Coleman about your failure?It would seem the Coleman warranty would be longer than one year on the compressor. In one, the fan (squirrel cage) threw some blades out and sounded like an explosion.How is the weight of the Mach 15 compared to the Mach 8? The other had a cooling fan inside the unit on the roof come apart and caused minor damage, but locked up the unit. John __________________ 2014 Dynamax Trilogy 3850RL - South Hampton Interior, Full Body Paint (Black / Silver / White), MOR/ryde Independent Suspension, MOR/ryde Disc Brakes, ONAN 5500 Generator, Progressive Industries HW50C w/Dual Display, Winegard HD Dish w/Direc TV, Washer & Dryer, i Springs 7-stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, Trail-Air Flex Air Pin Box, Third AC installed, AC Voltage/Amp Meters, DC Amp Meter, Garnett See Level Tank Sensors, TST 507 TPMS Retired USAF - Full Timers!So after only 1.5 seasons (which admittedly are long and brutal in South Louisiana) our rear Coleman Mach 8 15K BTU air conditioner died. After a lot of hemming and hawing about how to move forward, I decided to replace the unit with a Coleman Mach 15 (also 15K BTU). Adds an additional few inches to the already very high profile of the Trilogy. In the end I wanted others to know that it is possible to swap the Mach 8 with a Mach 15 with no major issues. May or may not work with the existing wiring, thermostat and control module 3. I will have to add new trim to clean up the look from the inside.After pulling it apart and looking at it's design vs the Mach 15 I installed this past weekend, I think a key factor is that the compressor is mounted at an angle that transmits the vibration downward into the camper because of the centrifugal force.The Mach 15 has the compressor mounted upright, so the outward centrifugal force of the compressor is thrown out laterally which the rubber seal absorbs effectively without really affecting the camper.


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