Coffee Truck Business Plan

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Did you know there are commercial food kitchens available in Kansas City? You’ll need the correct tax IDs, county and city permits (that can get tricky), state entities, local health inspections, the correct information on your food labels, USDA guidelines (if applicable), etc.

And because the Kansas City metro straddles two states, you’ll likely have to file forms for both Missouri and Kansas if, say, (if applicable).

But just setting up a Facebook account won’t cut it.

It’s what you do with that account that will determine the success strategy. You’ll need a clearly defined goal that you can act on and measure to reach your marketing benchmarks. If you have a product, maybe you’re eying a wider distribution, locally, then regionally and nationally.

You should create an authentic and memorable culinary brand that speaks to the emotions and the perception you want customers to link to your business.

(Your logo and packaging are certainly part of that.) Social media can help you monitor and discover the much bigger portion of what’s really your brand, like customer reviews and critic reviews (things you can’t control).Maybe you want to expand production to a factory instead of doing everything yourself.If you’ve got a restaurant, you’ll need to hire employees to prepare and cook the food, servers to interact with customers, etc. No matter the scenario, Xander says you want to make sure you’ve got the proper systems and training to ensure that the people who make up your brand are representing it how you’d want them to.Most ventures in this sector fail within the first year, according to the U. (You can also catch him giving talks about food businesses and more throughout the metro, so , and we’ll whip up your very own personal action plan that’ll outline the free and low-cost resources (like commercial kitchens, food business classes, market research, permits, etc.) in KC that can help your business cook up something tasty. We hear this a lot from newcomers to the industry: “I had no idea how competitive the food industry was,” or “I didn’t realize how low my profit margins would be.” (By the way, Xander says the industry averages around a 5 percent profit margin.) So to limit the number of surprises you’ll encounter, it’s a great idea to to help you uncover those key facets.And sometimes, this research will save you headaches, stress and lost money if you discover your idea likely won’t fly; at that point, you might’ve only lost time and might’ve even found a better strategy or idea than your original concept.That includes gas (especially if you’re running a food truck), vehicle maintenance and the cost of storing your food. Xander says some food business owners are puzzled why they don’t make a profit because they forget to factor in these key costs.Putting your product in stores can be a great way to make your product more available to a bigger audience.Or you might discover that many restaurants similar to your concept have failed.Maybe you can improve where others faltered, or maybe it’s a sign that such an idea isn’t worth the squeeze.And then it hits you: You could start a food business.Now, we won’t sugar-coat this: A food business isn’t the easiest to start. So to give yourself the greatest shot at success, Xander Winkel of the , planning, financial calculations and more so you give yourself a better chance of tasting the fruits of your labors with a side of sweet success. Now, it’s time to vet that idea and see if it’ll cut the mustard.


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