City Life Vs Rural Life Essay

In this guide, we’ll walk through the differences between these living situations and draw attention to certain aspects of living, such as transportation, commute, lifestyle, and more.

This is a hugely important factor in deciding where you want to live.

And while the rural countryside lifestyle is far cheaper than living in the city, you may also find yourself driving hours to get to a movie theater or a grocery store.

When it comes to weighing out the differences between urban, suburban, and rural living experiences, it can be difficult to determine what’s true and what’s merely a humorous or exaggerated stereotype.

Beyond this, suburbs naturally divide further into smaller neighborhoods.

Naturally, some of the neighborhoods will be more or less expensive than others.In almost every situation, country housing prices will be much more affordable than urban or suburban costs.Keep in mind that even though you’ll be spending less on rent in the country, you may end up making up the price difference in other ways.We all operate on a budget, whether it’s large or small.None of us have an infinite amount of money to spend on a house or apartment.If it’s a small city, you’ll likely still own a car and use it to drive yourself everywhere.You might also walk some places on foot if they aren’t too far, but you’ll probably be very dependent on your car.Transportation looks vastly different in urban, suburban, and rural communities.In some situations, you’ll find yourself riding trains and subways, in others it’ll be almost entirely cars and in still others, you can do a lot of walking.All of this means you’ll save big on things like gas bills, car insurance, and car maintenance, not to mention the cost of buying a car itself.In exchange, however, you’ll have to buy things like bus passes, metro cards, and similar items to let you access your cities public transportation systems.


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