Christian Education Dissertation

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I then examine ways in which ACE is likely to instill closed-mindedness in its students through the use of forced compliance, conformity pressures, and extrinsic rewards.

While some participants found their ACE experience beneficial, the majority experienced inadequate education, sexism, homophobia, excessive punishment, and discrimination against those considered ‘ungodly’.

The dissertationist becomes an expert about a specific body of work that contributes to the world’s knowledge. At the very least you will make other experts in that field more knowledgeable. I became an expert on the systems that undergird church planting in denominations.

Today I want to suggest there are certain religious Ph. degrees that will benefit the church, denominations, and students. Work Adds to Human Knowledge This graphic—and you REALLY need to look at it—depicts all the world’s knowledge. After elementary school, we know a little represented by a very small circle in the middle of the larger circle of all human knowledge. As a result, I know information about church-planting systems: their development, history, and assessment process. Dissertation Ideas I’m often asked about what topics I’d suggest for dissertations. ideas include I am happy to share these ideas, because I get asked about this often, but it has generated a lot more people asking.

Christian Education (ACE) is an individualised curriculum used in some private schools.

It is known for its conservative Protestant stance and largely literal interpretation of the Bible, and for teaching every academic subject from a biblical perspective.

These interviews give a sense of what it is like to attend an ACE school, students’ perceptions of their education and its effect on their subsequent lives.

ACE promotional materials have in the past said the system is “designed for programming the mind to see life from God’s point of view”.

From a liberal perspective, this raises concerns about indoctrination.

I conceptualise indoctrination as education which makes students closed-minded, and argue that closed-mindedness is linked to cognitive biases and cognitive dissonance.


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