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Another important reason to choose carefully is to avoid someone becoming friends with you because they just want to use you into helping themselves and to their own benefits.Another reason for carefully choosing your friends is that their influences can impact your future.

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A friend is present for you no matter what time of the night or day it is. Friendship expects and endures the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Friendship is a partnership: Two people come together on equal terms. A best friend is someone who brings out the best in you. A real friend bears witness to whatever happens to you.

So you ask your friend if you can borrow their notes and that if they can help you study but they say no and to ask someone else because they don’t really care if you pass or fail.

Secondly why it’s important to choose your friends carefully is because that your friends may not really be your friends but user friends trying to use you for their own benefits.

If you choose friends that are lazy and don’t do any work eventually you may also become a lazy person and not do any work.

During teenage years, as we begin to move around in a social circle of our own, that is separate from that of our family, and come across different people, we get to know them, spend more time with them and one day they are more than just mere acquaintances - we call them friends.Try holding a piece of black coal in your hand, press it tightly, what happens? Last but certainly not the least; choose friends you can count on.As goes the saying "It is the friends you can call at 4 AM that matter. My daughter dont have much friendscoz she has experienced lot of bullying and mocking in school.It’s been said that a friend is a gift that we give ourselves.Yet, how much time do we really spend thinking about those people who matter more to us than all the other people we meet and interact with throughout our life, sometimes including family?So for example you may meet someone that hears that you are an easy push over so they become friends with you and use you and once you become in need of anything they either say no or eventually stop being your friend.My last reason on why it’s important to choose your friends carefully is because friends can have major impacts on your future.I believe that people need to choose their friends very carefully because there will be a point in your life that you may need to rely strongly on your friends to help you and if that bond is not there, they will fail you.For example, you have a huge exam in a few days and you are a bit behind on your notes to study and you have a lot to study for.I hope this article of yours helps posting...thanks.Most of us have friends, or at least one friend—someone we spend time with, someone who knows us better than others do, someone we can count on when the need arises.


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