Chicken Farm Business Plan Sample

As mentioned above, it is possible to farm chicken in a wide variety of ways.

The market for poultry meat and eggs is already very competitive as these are at the top of the menu in many Filipino households and many players are already jostling for space.

However, there is always some room for an extra player to enter the market and differentiate themselves with their products and brands.

Once you have a niche market in mind, it is possible to produce quality poultry products that will match the unique need, and that will result in a sustainable business. While, of course, you have to raise your chicken, you will also need to create a unique selling point and advertise your chickens and chicken products widely in your niche market.

Getting the word around is the surest way to generate demand for your poultry products.

You will need access to land and capital to get your poultry enterprise started.

Another option is to go for contract poultry farming which is also capital-intensive but carries lower risks with a bigger scale as the contract poultry farming companies generally offer growers greater technical support.

Identifying your niche is one of the most important steps to getting started with poultry farming in the Philippines and around the world.

Commercial chicken farming will generally be only successful if you lay out a clear plan on what you plan to achieve and how.

Part of the decision above will be based on the area you are located in and on how well its needs are met.

In other words, when venturing into a poultry farming enterprise, it is important to figure out your niche market that will meet in the interests or demand of your buyers – rather than just basing your business on your preferences.


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