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It tends to take all of a person’s attention, but also increases reading speed dramatically.The system called Buddy Buzz knows to pause at commas or the end of sentences, just as most readers do.

The world has become so competitive that reading just for the sake of it is a luxury for most.

With technology set to get only more sophisticated in future, there will never be the same amount of people who will sit down to read a book.

The idea is that some day, anyone wanting to study ‘Hamlet’ will find nearly all the known scholarship brought together in a cohesive way that printed books cannot.

Researchers believe that the reading experience online will be better than on paper.

In addition to this, other factors like compressed work schedules, lack of interest in reading printed material, invasion of irresistible electronic gadgets, high rates of books, exploration of other fancier options as outdoor activities comprising of biking, bowling and soon have also contributed to the fading of the reading habit among people.

Nowadays, people are more materialistic and they get little time to go through books, newspapers, and magazines.

They are hoping to make reading on mobile phones faster and easier.

Analysts expect mobile phones to evolve into a multipurpose ‘third screen’, along with televisions and computers displaying both pictures and text.

Some others prefer to see the movie made out of a novel rather than reading the entire novel.

Kindle and i Pod are poised to change the reading habits even further.


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