Cause And Effect Essay On Violence On Television

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The size of the relation [between TV violence and aggression] is about the same as that between smoking and lung cancer.

Not everyone who smokes gets lung cancer and not everyone who has lung cancer smoked.

Adam Graycar Director Researchers and professionals have argued for decades about whether or not the portrayal of violence in the various media causes violence in society.

Laboratory experiments, field research and correlational studies have all been used as investigative tools.The relationship between media depictions of violence and subsequent violent behaviour is extremely complex.There are a number of interacting variables which play an important role in determining who will be affected, by what material, and in what way.This risk can be increased or decreased by a large number of other factors.Appropriate policy responses fall into three general areas: This Trends and Issues paper seeks to inform the necessary policy debate.This paper explores the complexities of this problem in the context of the different forms of visual entertainment, and proposes a number of policy options for addressing the issue.The main research findings are: There has been criticism of the research linking exposure to media violence and subsequent aggressive behaviour.Because television is a large part of everyday life for many people, images of violence could potentially affect a large proportion of the population, compared to videos and computer games which, while they are increasing in popularity, are watched or played by a smaller proportion of the population.Television programming aims to satisfy the viewing requirements of all age-groups and all types of people and therefore broadcasts a wide range of material, whereas videos and computer games are individually classified and generally chosen according to that classification.The context in which the violence is portrayed and age of the viewer/player are the most important variables for determining the potential impact of violence.Also significant is the participant's ability to differentiate between fantasy and reality, and justified or unjustified use of force.


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