Case Study For Online Advertising

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The new approach Well, it seems ZUJI wanted to challenge that approach.

In order to get better value from display, ZUJI used Dynamic Content Optimization (DCO) for its ads and clever remarketing to get searchers back to the site to buy.

See how Top Rank Marketing helped this client increase conversions by 186%.

Social Media Marketing Case Study: A gourmet food company was seeking an agency that could help them uncover new audiences on social media platforms.

Then, ZUJI used dynamic creative which showed personalized flight recommendations based on what the user had searched on.

So let’s say as an example, someone came to the site and looked for flight from Hong Kong to Singapore and searched for multiple dates in April.

ZUJI would then use both the destination data points and the fact that the person wanted to travel in April to customize an ad which gave prices for that flight during April.

The results ZUJI published results which said that it enjoyed a 14% increase in digital bookings and achieved a 100x return on ad spend.

Recently, we’ve covered the trends in display advertising as well as some of the issues which came up in 2015.

But in order to add some depth to our coverage of how display is changing and what you need to do to use it more effectively, it’s helpful to look at some recent case studies.


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