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Camp Edwards’ two motor pools house road construction equipment, which is being moved to Camp Casey. “In a lot of ways the move is going to be beneficial.

The 82nd operates 110 vehicles, including 26,000-lb. We do parts runs every day where we have to drive to Camp Casey and back, so a lot of those individual movements are going to be consolidated in one place,” he said.

Another Camp Stanley-based unit, 1st Battalion, 38th Field Artillery Regiment, will join them later this month.

And 1st Battalion, 2nd Aviation left for Camp Humphreys in June.

Helicopters fly daily training runs from nearby Camp Casey and Camp Red Cloud.

There is a Haz Mart (recycling and reutilization facility) on the camp. In line with the ongoing draw-down and realignment of American Forces in South Korea.[4] Units that are not inactivated will relocate south to Camp Humphreys or USAG Daegu. Camps in Korea is outstanding because it includes not only information, but also numerous photographs of U. camps in Korea, past and present.] Camp Edwards closure continues with move of vehicles to Camp Casey By Seth Robson - Stars and Stripes Published: November 9, 2004 CAMP EDWARDS, South Korea — With the closure of Camp Edwards, the 2nd Infantry Division’s Western Corridor home base, the division’s road crew is on its way to Camp Casey.The veteran of three South Korean tours, including the past 10 months at Edwards, said he was sad to see the base close. “We cover almost 200 square kilometers from here to the Korea Training Center and as far south as Camp Humphries on occasion.They are the key role of transporting supplies all over the peninsula.Warrior Reception Company (WRC) relocated to Camp Hovey in February 2012, as did the area Combined Issue Facility (CIF).Second ID’s departure from Camp Stanley — a result of the U. Army’s transformation and base realignment process on the peninsula — was swift.The Fires Brigade and 6th Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment already have relocated to Camp Casey.The Kwangju Mountain Range, an offshoot of the Taebaek Mountains lies to the west.One way trip to Seoul from Camp Stanley takes about two hours by car or bus.The camp will be the hub for the 501st’s operations, which involve 2,000 soldiers spread across 22 camps all over the peninsula, Carson said. [Page sources: Wikipedia, Stars & Stripes, KWE research, the website "U. Camps in Korea: from the past&today", and individual contributors. The last big convoy of 82nd Engineer Company (combat support equipment) vehicles left Edwards on Friday, shifting dozens of bulldozers, scrapers, vibe rollers, graders, trucks and other road construction equipment to Casey. Saiprasad Srinivasan, commander of Camp Edwards and the 82nd Engineers, said by next week the unit’s operations will be run from Camp Casey with just a few soldiers left at Edwards to clean up.


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