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From a Brazilian mine where fifty thousand mud-covered men haul heavy bags of dirt up and down slippery ladders in search of a stray nugget of gold, to a former lake in western Africa now swallowed by the encroaching desert, where emaciated, starving people walk over its surface of sand, photographer Sebastião Salgado explores the lives of the planet’s often ignored people with a critical eye and an empathetic heart.

Born in Brazil, the photographer began his career as an economist before shifting to photography in 1973.

7) [156 pp.] Salgado, a native Brazilian, states, "The picture is not made by the photographer . 146) The relationships he sought for these photographs are extended and extensive.

For example, he spent fifteen months in the Sahel region of Africa documenting the effects of the drought and famine while working for Médicins sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders).

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From his base in Paris, Salgado has covered major news events as well as pursuing more personal and in-depth documentary projects.

For seven years he roamed Latin America, walking for days to remote mountain villages, to produce a major work on the “other Americans.” In the mid-1980s, he worked for more than fifteen months with a French humanitarian aid group in the famine-engulfed Sahel region of Africa, and created a moving, extraordinarily human document of the beauty and strength of people in the deepest, most abominable kind of suffering.


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