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If you don’t capture their interest right away, they will move on to something else.

Please avoid using business jargon or coining new terms. A clear point of view: Readers should come away knowing what you think they should do differently as a result of reading your piece.

Our editorial process is more thorough than many other publishers’, and you will likely be asked to do multiple rounds of revisions.

Contributors frequently tell us that they appreciate the extra care and attention their work receives.

In this special issue we welcome papers addressing these topics and issues.

The topics listed are not all-inclusive and submissions on any topic that relates to the theme of entrepreneurial ecosystems are encouraged.In addition, these regions need to foster forward thinking and futuristic planning (Spigel, 2017).This special journal issue will focus on international best practice and examples of entrepreneurial ecosystems in order to understand how developed and developing regions operate, thereby taking a more international view to the current literature that has tended to focus just on the concept of entrepreneurial ecosystems without considering in much detail the context (Cohen, 2006; M This will enable the research and practice of entrepreneurial ecosystems to be extended to take into account new conceptualizations.A good rule of thumb: A reader should never have to buy a product or service to implement the advice or ideas in the article. We also ask our authors to disclose any financial relationships they have with companies mentioned in their articles. This issue will address two important entry mode choices for foreign firms seeking market entry into Africa: the choice of acquisitions (partial and full acquisitions); and international joint ventures.Acquisitions and international joint ventures are gaining importance in Africa (Boateng and Glaister 2003; Dadzie & Owusu 2015) partly due to an increasing consolidation of several industries and economic liberation policies implemented by many Africa countries (UNCTAD 2015).African markets provide a unique context to test IB theories empirically and develop context-specific theories (Van de Ven & Jing 2011).Similar contextualization has been done in transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe (Meyer & Peng 2005), China (Child & Tse 2001), and studies on strategies of emerging market MNEs (Cuervo-Cazurra 2012).We seek papers that explore and analyze why foreign firms opt for IJV and acquisition strategies in Africa, how they manage their African subsidiaries and their performance with these entry modes.Furthermore, we seek for mainly empirical research but also some conceptual papers that enrich the contextualization of Africa in international business.


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