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A well written quote shows your professionalism and protects your business from legal and financial risks.We look to famous business quotes for inspiration and motivation, but they can also be great tools for learning.

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You are going to face many challenges along the way, some of which will have you rethinking your career decision. There is nothing quite like the feeling of reaching a lofty business goal. Are you tired of being nothing more than a corporate yes man? Once you are mad as hell, and you realize that now is the time to make a change, you will find yourself on the path to bigger and better things.

All you can do is fasten your seatbelt, get ready for the ride, and take each bump one at a time. If things aren’t going right, get mad and make a change. Uttered by both Luke, played by Paul Newman, and the warden, this movie quote is timeless.

It’s tough to take this stance, but it can make you a better entrepreneur in the long run. It is a misconception that simply starting a company will lead to success.

Sure, you can build it, but that doesn’t mean they will come. You need to sell it, market it, and make it your life. Forrest Gump is the “king of quotes” and this one was his best.

Thinking about how much talent you have for something will only give those self-defeating voices a chance to say you don’t have what it takes. This quote brings out the romantic in me and reminds me of my passion for growing my business.

You don’t have to be in love with your work every day but find that one thing that drives you; whether it’s the work itself, success or how you help others.The next time life throws you a curve, think of Forrest Gump sitting on that bus stop bench.A quote tells your customers how much you’ll charge and what your terms of service are.Judy was more than just pigtails and ruby slippers, bet you didn’t know that!I think we fixate on other people as role models for business or life.If you want to achieve success in the business world, communication is a must.Continue down the wrong path and you may find yourself in the same position as Luke (and that is not a place you want to be). Dorothy finds herself on the list once again, this time with her quote “there’s no place like home.” There is nothing wrong with dedicating yourself to business success. From a business perspective, there aren’t many movie quotes that are more telling. If you can’t handle the truth, good or bad, you won’t reach your full potential. You may not be Rhett Butler, but you can learn something from his famous quote in Gone with the Wind.Every business I’ve ever been in, from money management to blogging, I’ve rarely found any secrets.Success in business isn’t about getting a golden ticket or gifts, it’s about hard work and determination.My mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. Just like a box of chocolates, the business world is full of twists and turns.No matter how hard you try, you never know what you are going to get.


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