Business Plan For Solar Energy Company

Business Plan For Solar Energy Company-71
Moreover we are inexperienced in preparing this kind of reports.So it is material making some mistake is this report. The present this report we were facing some problems.

To make electricity for rural and villages people by using solar panel. Every work when started that to face some limitations. We couldn’t reduce much because this is a newly introduced concept in Bangladesh.

Sun power Company will try to provide in north area. Works cannot be imagined without likewise our report has some limitation. There’s why we are not able to collect much information related to this.

Installation would not be all that expensive either but both require some background knowledge for you to have any chance of being successful.

Do your homework first.1) Are you going to concentrate on Rooftop or MW scale projects ?

Alternative energy sources are on the minds of everyone today and this trend is going to continue.

Oil prices are going to continue to go higher and saving the environment is being tackled by lawmakers and entrepreneurs alike.

Because of we are not experienced in side as results we are not present all the related data.

The problems of history are lack of information, electricity problem, and transportation problem and so on.

Man knew there are immense potentialities in this subject and according to his knowledge in that particular time he tried to develop systems to utilize solar energy for greater use.

2.1 Company’s Vision and Mission:‘Sunbeam’ aims to strengthen its position as a leader in the areas of renewable energy and envisions benefiting, around 8 to 10 kore people of Bangladesh, from its solar power.


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