Business Plan For A Travel Agency

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These objectives will be met by providing educational, business-related tours to specific markets. Initially, the tours will focus on emerging markets in Latin America. has been a dominant player in the field of international business. Total foreign investment (in $US billion) is shown below for the five top Latin American countries for 1991-1993: Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are the dominant players in the Latin American market.

Starting in the second year of operation, IBT will begin to expand its destinations to include primary business centers in South Africa, Central Europe and Asia. Europe and Japan are well established trading partners of the U. In recent years, the nations of Latin America have received a growing volume of investment and attention from U. In fact, Brazil represents 45% of the entire Latin American GDP, (Source: Strategic Business Journal).

On the following page is a list of the managerial skills and duties to be performed by the principal.

Based on research, the marketing efforts of competitive organizations and recommendations from qualified professionals, the marketing plan for IBT has been developed to reach the target audience through a variety of channels. IBT will seek sponsors in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

This system and its flexibility will control costs by allowing the printing and mailing of small quantities of brochures as needed.

The fulfillment brochures will contain all the information necessary for respondents to make the decision to register for the tours.These will be produced on material purchased from The Paper Supply, a supplier of pre-formed brochures and display materials.Although the cost of these materials is low, the perceived quality is high.Many trade missions and chambers of commerce with offices in Southern California develop programs that are held locally.When possible, Zachary Natall will be present at these events to personally promote the tours.Although sole proprietorships do not protect the principal from personal loss or liability, this form of business entity was chosen for the first two years of operation for the following reasons: The principal has liquidated most personal assets and invested the funds into the start-up of the business.There are few personal assets that need protection.These may include airlines, banks, consulting firms and real estate agencies.For a fee paid to IBT, these sponsors will have their logos appear on IBT literature and receive acknowledgment (PR) as event sponsors.Telephone and fax inquiries will be fulfilled with low-cost fulfillment brochures.Inexpensive fulfillment brochures and packages will be written and designed by Zachary Natall.


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