Business Plan For A Nursery School

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Most of those leaving the market have been childminders facing unsurmountable financial pressures.

You can then factor this figure into your financial planning.

A solid business plan should be brimming with informative tables to guide you and reassure your potential investors that you’ve done your sums and are a safe bet.

Every childcare provider will have a slightly different offering, so think carefully about: Remember that if you’re not in a position to offer everything on your wish list straight away, you can highlight your future development plans. What will give your nursery that competitive edge you’ll need to thrive?

Maybe your premises are located directly opposite a train station, simplifying pick up and drop off for busy parents who commute?

Get your nursery business plan in order from the start and you’ll have taken the first step towards opening the doors to your very first mini-customers.

In the private day nursery industry, it will inform your decisions as you progress through the set-up process. Do you need professional advice about the legalities? This should follow a set structure, divided into clear, information-packed sections.

And while overall numbers may be falling, the number of spaces is actually rising.

You need to know about this competition: who’s already operating in your area, what services they offer and the demand for them, whether they’re sole traders or part of a larger chain etc.

Do you know how to find and attract the parents of future classmates? Here we outline a suggested template that will help you get your dreams out of your head and onto paper.

Without a business plan, you’ll be stumbling in the dark. Follow these steps and you’ll have a helpful, relevant document to keep you on track. Within it, you can summarise the top-line detail about your business including its name, your objectives and goals.


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