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Kids have to keep track of their resources, settlements and what other players are doing.You may not like the name, but this game is a great way for your child to learn how to figure out what’s true and what’s not.

She is the author of The Everything Parent’s Guide to Special Education.

Critical thinking is often touted as a superior way to confront the issues one faces. Critical thinking is sometimes talked about as a near-mystical skill that exercises untapped parts of your brain.

Some tweens and teens may choose boredom over board games. These games will capture your child’s attention, sense of humor and imagination while boosting critical-thinking skills. Each card has a red apple with a noun written on it.

This card game helps kids predict their friends’ preferences and build social skills and vocabularies. The judge plays a green apple card with an adjective written on it.

Some board games sneak in counting, sequencing and strategy as your child plays. Cherry-O, Connect Four and Yahtzee, these unique board games can help your child practice math skills.

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Amanda Morin worked as a classroom teacher and as an early intervention specialist for 10 years.Players aren’t allowed to tell which card belongs to whom.There’s also a junior version of this game, which allows younger kids or teens with limited vocabulary to play.(For example, “I love chips” in a bossy way.) Other players have to guess the mood. The die includes tough emotions, such as “sneaky” and “dazed.” Board games require players to follow directions, take turns and plan strategies—three skills that may be tough for kids with executive functioning issues.But the following games are easy to learn and understand.One player gives clues to get his teammate to guess the person on the card.Here’s where critical thinking comes in: In each round of play, there are increasingly tougher restrictions on the clues players can give. In Round 2, players are only allowed to use one word to describe each person. This award-winning game teaches your child to plan and strategize.Better still, when you point out how the skills your child uses in each game connect to everyday situations, you’ll actually be helping her improve her key executive functioning fun—and it doesn’t always have to feature numbers or equations.This game is played in teams of two and is similar to charades.Each team has a deck of 40 cards that name famous people.


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