Biography Research Paper Outline

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An autobiography essay is an essay about the experiences you've passed through.

However, writing the piece is not a walk in the park.

Choose the highlights of your life that bring out your real personality and have valuable lessons that you think will interest your readers.

Choose the events carefully taking into account the role of the essay and look out for the following the topics: After the introduction, you can now give us a vivid description of your background; friends, family, job and your goals.

Remember not to be afraid, to tell the truth about your life experiences as these experiences usually come with a lot of lessons. Nobody appreciates stolen ideas, so go for originality all the way.

You could try inventing a fancy structure or maybe use ambiguous language for satirical purposes. Remember, the last paragraph stresses your main agenda.

For example, if you're writing about you being bullied in high school.

If you still feel like you want to revenge on the person who was bullying you, it would be better to avoid this topic or maybe mention it slightly.

Imagine you are an admissions officer in a scholarship committee, and you have to choose from hundreds of autobiographies.

At some point, you will be put off by students writing long autobiography essays.


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