Biggest Challenges In Writing Cover Letters And Resumes

If an organization’s mission focuses on strengthening the rights of people living in slums, they will want to hire people who are passionate about helping disadvantaged populations.

Provide examples that demonstrate your passion for the organization’s mission and demonstrate that you have related experience.

In your cover letter, you might say: “I understand that one of the major challenges for the person in this role is to build local community support for this new project.

If hired, I would identify key leaders in the community that may be supportive and look to engage them to help build community support.

Make sure they mention they were a former intern there and have something specific to say about your relevant skill sets for the job.

2) Make it a practice to do informational interviews with a key staff member at a company of interest early in the process (before you apply). Keep in touch with them and when you apply for a job, you are in a good position to ask this person to put in a good word for you or to encourage the hiring manager to take a look at your application.Outside candidates are often competing against candidates that may have interned or worked previously at the organization.In other cases, candidates may know someone in the company that can vouch for them.In a past career, I worked for the National Wildlife Federation on projects to protect the Great Lakes and was often part of the hiring team.I can very specifically recall one cover letter in particular (this candidate was submitting a cover letter and resume in application for a spot on the Lake Superior project team) that read: “ This cover letter was memorable.Compare a cover letter that says, Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager.Which candidate’s cover letter better demonstrates that they are a good fit for your organization’s poverty rights-focused mission?3) Reach out to your college career service office (or use Linked In) to identify alumni working at a company of interest.Email them a brief note to request an informational interview but be up front that you are applying to a specific role.It might look something like this, “Dear [insert name], I see that you are also an alumni of XYZ university.I plan to apply to ABC position at your company and wanted to set up a short 20 minute conversation with a friendly alumni to learn more about your experience there and to get your advice for applying for this role.


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