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To illustrate this difference, here’s what Verizon looks like next to T-Mobile in terms of nationwide speeds (the blue means faster data speeds detected; the orange indicates slower): We favored carriers that score well in reliability and performance, but the best for you could be different depending on where you live.Once we had an understanding of performance, we dug into the phone plans carriers offered and the prices they charged.“The first point to consider is which carrier has the best service where you live and work or spend much of your time,” say Jamie Huff and Tammy Parker, wireless analysts at Current Analysis.

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Our favorite providers offered a reasonable price for generous data allotments.

Carriers will often sweeten the deal by partnering with other companies to offer promotional deals like free Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Apple Music.

Our search started with the most basic principle of cell service — a reliable network.

We turned to Root Metrics, a survey operation that tests the "Big Four" mobile networks (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint) and provides an accurate, unbiased account of which networks perform best from a consumer’s point of view.

Cell phone plans also become significantly cheaper per line as you add to the plan.

No shame for the new grad for staying on their parents' family plan — everyone is getting a better deal.i Phone XS is everything you love about i Phone and more.The Samsung Galaxy Note10 reimagines the power of a smartphone.And with a 4300m Ah battery, you can stay connected, productive and entertained all day on a single charge.Finding the best cell phone plans involves more than just looking at the speeds, coverage, and reliability.This increases the overall value of the plan if you’d be paying for these services otherwise — and ultimately increased their ranking in our top picks.We also evaluated other features like international options and opportunities to bundle with another telecommunication service like television.The allotment is a far cry above standard 3 GB to 10 GB plans.We compared the price for these plans, too, which can run as low as and as high as .The next closest was AT&T with 51 (providers can tie, which is why the numbers don't exactly add up). Verizon is on the forefront of new technology; it’s one of the first providers to have adopted new 5G technology, which promises speeds in the 200 Mbps to 300 Mbps range.The difference between those numbers shows that Verizon truly has the best track record for offering its customers a reliable network and satisfying performance across the U. While this figure has yet to be corroborated by long-term experience in the real world, it’s safe to say it will mark a considerable step up from the 4G LTE network’s peak download speeds of 50 Mbps.


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